Personal and Corporate Fitness TrainingEmpire Fitness, offers quality personal training and fitness consulting services to individuals and corporations. People wishing to improve their overall fitness for better health or for specific goals, utilize Empire Fitness to assist them in achieving their goals in a timely fashion. Empire Fitness believes all personal trainers have a responsibility to their clients to provide quality services and the education to support it. In the fitness world, learning is a continual process that never ends. Quality exercise and fitness education is crucial as Empire Fitness believes it is important for its employees to not only train clients, but to also educate them on the latest proven exercise information. That will help them achieve their goals effectively. Empire Fitness believes in developing close relationships with clients to show the appreciation and value that each person has in developing Empire Fitness as a company. Being customer-oriented helps us continually make any changes necessary to ensure customer satisfaction. 
We can create a training atmosphere in any environment. Whether it is at an office, outside or at a gym, Empire Fitness is committed to delivering results to our clients. 
Personal Trainer: Brian Morris


Brian Morris, President of Empire Fitness, is a personal trainer who is certified by the American Council of Exercise and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He is also certified in adult C.P.R. He holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Brian Morris has a B.A. in Economics and an M.B.A. in Financial Management.

Photographs by Bradley Lau

The human body was designed to walk or run; it wasn't built for coasting.
-Cullen Hightower

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