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Dear Brian, (Empire Fitness):

I am writing this letter to thank you on behalf of Myself, My Family and My Company. Not only are you getting everyone into shape with your excellent training routines, but you have also helped us change our eating habits (which were slowly killing us). I am not the kind of person who would have made these changes without the constant support you have provided. I appreciate the effort you put into every workout session and without you, we wouldn’t have accomplished the results we were looking for.

It’s amazing that you were able to outline “detailed” workouts that targeted the different results we were looking for. I was looking to lose weight and tone up, my wife was looking for a weight loss program that actually works, my son was looking to build body mass and confidence while my daughter was trying to achieve more upper body strength for her swimming. EVERYONE, has already seen the results from Empire Fitness and we will never be the same again.

I have been encouraging my employees to use your services as well. I am extremely satisfied with Empire and will continue to lean on you in the future.

Thanks Again for all your hard work and support. You are not only helping us to reach our specific goals, but you are also enriching our lives.

Angelo Zeno
Pinnacle Media, LLC

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