It is at this time that I would like to publicly declare my appreciation for all of the things Brian Morris has done for me, my body and my life.

Before I met Brian I was a sedentary body.  I worked at a desk, I drove home, and didn't do much else, a good 90% of my left was spent with my butt planted in a chair or on a couch.  I still work at a desk and I still drive to work, but after working with Brian, I am on my rear much less.  I am a regular at my gym where I train with Brian, and I find my self acquiring new past times in place of time I would have previously spent on my butt watching television.  I have lost a great deal of weight as a result of my sessions with Brian and my body is no longer the flabby mess it was last year.  I feel much more comfortable with my self and look forward to this summer's days at the beach.

I would like to point out that Brian did not only teach me how to work out, he helped with my diet by drawing up a nutritional plan that keeps me eating right and keeps me away from the steady diet of fast food I was previously on.  He also helped me with a custom tailored work out regimen that targeted my body's problem areas, a plan that we alter on a monthly basis to accommodate my body's physical improvement.

I never dreamed that I would become a gym guy, I was always content in my slothful ways, but I now look to the future and I am full of breath, energy and confidence.  I owe all this to Brian Morris and I thank him with all of my, now healthier, heart.

Frank DeMaria
Graphic Designer

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