I would like to wholeheartedly offer my recommendation of Brian Morris as a personal trainer. Brian became my personal trainer in December of 2003. At this time, I was a good amateur golfer with a USGA handicap index of 12.6. But while I was enjoying moderate success, I began experiencing what every athlete inevitably goes through—the dreaded plateau.

I have always been a competitive athlete, and therefore it alarmed me greatly when I started having real problems with my golf game. Power was lacking in my swing, focus was lost in crucial moments, and before I knew it, my handicap ballooned to a 17.6.  Something had to be done.

I was determined to raise my game to the next level, and thus I hired Brian. After our first session, I knew he had a special gift. All the exercises he had me perform were well thought out, sport-specific, and always explained clearly and concisely. While some of the exercises were difficult for me, he guided me through them with a calm strength and specificity that belied his age. This has been his trademark as a trainer, as he has tailored a program for me incorporating weight training, core strength exercises, and flexibility, always pushing farther than I thought I could go.

Now, eight months later, I have increased my driving distance 30 yards. I am much stronger not only off the tee but also in my iron distance. My handicap index has dropped even lower than what it was before, and my swing no longer lacks power. I feel centered and energetic not only when on the course, but in my daily life as well. Brian has absolutely worked wonder. He has done what all great trainers do for their client, which is help them realize their fullest potential.

As the President and owner of an elite Wall Street executive staffing firm, I can say from experience that I know what excellence is. Rarely have I come across an individual who combined the gift of vocabulary with the passion for what he loves most. Brian Morris is truly excellence personified.

The Walsh Associates


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