Please accept this letter as a strong recommendation for the personal training services of Brian Morris. I came to Brian about five weeks before my wedding in a panic (probably a trainer’s worst nightmare!) needing to lose weight and get in shape for my big day-Fast!

From the beginning, Brian was upfront and realistic about what we could accomplish and what I would need to do in order to look great and for my wedding. He came up with a plan that was aggressive, but realistic-and promised if I stuck to it, I would see results. He included things in my routine that I had never done before, including running, which I never thought I could do, and pushups, which I never wanted to do before! At all times, he challenged me to push myself but always tempered his discipline with motivation. He also counseled me about nutrition, and even called me at work to make sure I was drinking my 8-10 glasses of water a day.

By the end of our ten training sessions, I was running almost 4 miles (!) a session (in addition to weight training) and was cranking out pushups like I couldn’t believe-I even challenged my new husband to a contest! He always varied the routine so I wouldn’t get bored.

As a result of out sessions, I lost five pounds, my body fat dropped and my clothes fit better. Thanks to Brian, I was able to walk down the aisle confidently and in great shape. And I looked great on my honeymoon.

Brian is highly intelligent, motivational, realistic, and actually makes working out fun! I would highly recommend him as a trainer.

Communications Manager

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